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Promotions and marketing are two very important things businesses all over the world invest in. There are tons and tons of competition all over, looking to get ahead and stay on top of the pros in the business game in every aspect. This is where SEO experts here in Houston come in. As we are SEO consultant expert professionals that strive for the best and nothing but the best for our clients in this field. Our Houston SEO agency will create a perfect campaign that will influence the increase of your website traffic.


Do not wait another day! We offer great services in Houston and we are waiting for great clients like you to sign with us! Let us help with your SEO needs and concerns.

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Digital marketing in Houston involves a variety of plans and strategies involving internet and online based digital technologies. Great clients like you need our SEO Houston agency and services in order to learn and utilize every strategy that will improve your business and become a big pro for you. Attacking SEO from different perspectives increases the chances of converting users and landing potential customers. Our Houston experts will advise, consult, help and most importantly work extremely hard to help you reach your goals in the different fields: PPC (Pay-per click), website and development (input link), content and keyword research marketing, social media management (input link), etc.

Innov8ive marketing’s services also include but are not limited to: video production (input link) free website/marketing audits (input link), and media buying. Our SEO agency has everything you need. Look no further!

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Online content such as articles and tutorials have mis-lead a lot of businesses into thinking that they could reach their goals without the help of a marketing agency. Listening to this can cause a big hole in your pocket and time you can never get back. Becoming our client and joining our team will assure you that no more of your hard-earned money will go to waste. You will also have more time to do what you need to do. Let us do everything that requires you doing online activity!

What is SEO?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. This process involves attracting more users into your website by increasing the volume of traffic, while continually improving the content in your website. SEO does this using the organic search results in search engines.

There is a difference between SEO (search engine optimization and SEM (search engine marketing). Do not confuse the two! SEO does NOT charge you per click.

Differences between SEO and SEM in Houston

Houston SEO Agency

Depending on the type of industry , paid search ads and listings will be found along all results in the search results page. This includes product shopping, services, and local Houston listing services.

Both SEM and SEO services require you to sit down, plan and strategize. SEM comes with factors that will play a big role when ranking. Budge and landing page performance and content can affect an user’s overall experience while on your page.

SEM can help your SEO due to Google Ads providing more ultrafine information including search queries users type in to find your site. Google Ads make it easier for you to reach your audiences interested in the products and services you offer. This software runs on pay-per-click (PPC), where you have to pay every time a visitor clicks on your ad. The data it provides can give SEO companies opportunities to improve user’s experience, ratings, and rankings in general for both organic and paid search optimization. SEO uses nothing but organic search results.

Two Major SEO Factors to Rank High:

1. On-page

  • Elements on your website.
  • Site structure, content, and speed optimization.

2. Off page

  • Not present on your website
  • Things from other websites
  • Social media attention
Houston SEO Agency

Every strategy SEO agencies use to rank high revolve around Google’s key ranking factors. Some of these are things Google’s analyzes that your website should have to rank you high:


  • Secureness and accessibility.
  • Page speed (most importantly mobile web speed)
  • Mobile-friendly.
  • Optimized content.
  • User experience.
  • Technical SEO.


Let our SEO experts in Innov8ive Marketing help you optimize your website, so you can rank number one in search results organically and using paid search marketing!

Why Do I Need SEO?

An SEO agency can benefit you whether you are barely starting your company or are going worldwide. Any type of industry can benefit from SEO services by having their online exposure managed and optimized by an SEO company.

Google uses algorithms to turn the index content of websites into search results. These algorithms are progressively being evolved and upgraded. It is really important for you to be on top of all these changes and make consequential movements using SEO services if you want to keep your site ranked. If your site stays ranked, more users will keep coming to your site. This means that you have higher changes of people converting when they visit your website. Which means more business!

Over time, organic SEO has become more and more blurry to users due to other things Google is looking at to rank. Another reason is pretty much summed up by Google’s goal.

Google’s goal is to:

“Provide users with the most relevant, highest quality results based on user search queries regarding their wants and needs when performing a search online.”

By following this goal, Google has been leaning more towards knowledge boxes, quick answers, map packs, and paid advertisements. This is resulting in an increase of zero click throughout search result pages.

Reasons Why These Three Things Result in Zero Clicks:

  • Knowledge boxes give you a quick and brief description and/ or answer of what users type in a search query. They usually come straight from Wikipedia.
  • Map Packs: For users searching for something with a commercial or transactional intent, this is a result that will show the user three highlighted google-maps based results of the best ranked businesses based on the factors that determine local ranking.
  • Quick answers: These are the answers that appear right at the top of the SERP (search engine results page) for relevant and particular queries. They are meant to immediately provide searchers an answer or information on what they are searching for right on the SERP.

It is really important to understand and take these three concepts into consideration. These three concepts will result in a zero click on any website because they give you answers and information right away by making them instantly visible. 

This is why you should implement the SEO services that SEO agencies have to offer to your website and your business. SEO is needed to progressively keep up with these types of barriers that will definitely get in the way of your pages ranking for the number one spot.

The spectacular work that SEO services Innov8ive Marketing offers will bring your website top-of-the-line traffic and attract users that will definitely convert (complete desired action) while in your website.

Our SEO Houston professionals are trained to implement the best ranking factors out there in developing a master plan to help your business skyrocket!

How Do I Rank on The First Page of Google?

Like we discussed earlier, there are many factors that Google looks for in your website when considering it for high ranking. Google has more than 200 ranking factors that it analyzes!

Keeping up with this long list of ranking factors is a must. You want to make sure that your business is always ranking high in the first page in the Google search results page. Taking advantage of SEO services can keep you assured that your business will reach its goals by keeping you in the first spots in ranking.

Google generates more than 75 percent of US desktops searches. It is also wise to make sure your site is mobile-friendly. Till this day, more than 48 percent of internet users search the web using their mobile devices. The number of people who own a phone stands at 6.8 billion users. This information should persuade you to focus on making your site mobile-friendly. But what really should influence you to pursue this is the fact that mobile-friendliness is one of the top ranking factors that Google looks for when considering your website for ranking.

Two major SEO factors to rank high:

  • On-page.
  • Elements on your website
  • Site structure, content, and speed optimization.
Houston SEO Agency

In this graph, you can see that Google Search Ad Clicks using SEM has recently slowed down compared to its average standings. This is a huge opportunity for you and your business to step into the world of organic SEO services!

Keyword Research

Doing keyword research is extremely effective towards ranking in the first spots in Google’s search results page. These are two types of keywords Google looks along with a brief description:

Head keywords Mid-tail/ long tail keywords
One or a few words. A couple words/entire phrase.
Common. Less common.
Generic. More specific/related to your niche.
Great traffic potential. Smaller traffic potential.
Tough to rank for. Easier to rank for.

In this chart, you can see that Google Search Ad Clicks using SEM has recently slowed down compared to its average standings. This is a huge opportunity for you and your business to step into the world of organic SEO services!

Doing keyword research is extremely effective towards ranking in the first spots in Google’s search results page. These are two types of keywords Google looks along with a brief description:

Keywords are what describes the content on a page best and they serve as clues for Google when it considers crawling into your page.

Make sure to use the right keywords to attract audience and always consider:
  • Your company’s mission.
  • Core values and strengths.
  • Unique selling points ( what does your company do best? What is so special about your company? What makes your company stand out?)

When aiming to rank high on the first Google results, take highly into consideration the angle of which your audience will search, not yours!

The search intent of a searcher is very important. The more specific the search term, the better your chances of the user converting are. Pursuing long tail keywords has benefits beyond avoiding competition.

Develop and Plan a Good SEO Keyword Strategy.

The chance to convert is one of the factors you should take into account when deciding what pages you want to optimize for. If you are selling products, your product landing pages have by far the highest chances to convert. If the pages are important for your website, you simply have to rank for those pages.

There is Also an Alternative SEO Strategy You Could Aim For.

It is worth a try to try to rank for pages that provide great information. You can try to funnel your visitors to your product pages later. The first step is to first get a user’s attention by providing them with great information with whatever it is they are searching. Then after that you can funnel them to your product or service pages. Make sure to include links in these pages.

It is also very important that you always research your competition. Keywords research and strategies to rank in the top page in the Google results page are all about identifying the right opportunities. You cannot identify opportunities without comparing and contrasting your abilities to those of your competition!

At Innov8ive Marketing, our SEO Houston professionals go through extensive and recurring training to keep learning and expanding their abilities to execute everything they know about Google ranking factors. Our Houston SEO agency will create a perfect plan that fits your business. We will conduct a competitive analysis to make sure all the right information is being published on your site.

Houston SEO Agency

How Does Local SEO Help my Business?

Using a SEO company for local SEO marketing will increase organic online appearance for your business if you want to target a specific location.

SEO services for companies world wide or locar are similar but local SEO services will target a certain location. Doing this will make your company’s pages easier to rank for.

Strategies for Your Local SEO Company Involve:


  • Specific areas posted content.
  • Pairing local names with values that help search engines categorize and index content (structured data).
  • Keeping your local listings up to date so your business information can  be displayed directly on the search results page.

SEO services provided by Innov8ive Marketing will include implementing all these strategies for your site on a daily basis. We will make sure you are ranking in all counties including Katy, Sugarland, Pasadena, Baytown, and Memorial City etc.

How Do I Choose an SEO Agency?

Choosing a Houston SEO agency can be a difficult and challenging task. Make sure you examine everything an SEO company has to offer including their certifications. It is hard to begin this process because there are so many options to choose from. Assure yourself that the SEO agency fits the needs and goals of you AND your business. Use these questions when researching SEO Houston agencies to help you grow your business:


  • How do you report to new clients?
  • How many resources are needed to commit to?
  • What are the steps you will take to help us accomplish our SEO company goals?
  • What tools will you use to demonstrate how effectively my business is achieving its goals?
  • How much time is needed to commit to?
  • How do you keep your knowledge up to date with the never-ending algorithm updates?
  • What are the prices for SEO services?
  • How will you report to me the status and progress of my website SEO every month?
  • Are there any previous clients that have success testimonials with your SEO Houston agency?
  • What makes you different than other SEO companies?

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