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Meet Innov8ive Marketing, a social media management company here in Houston, where we help all kinds and sizes of businesses: small, mid-size, and large.

Our goal is to transform your business from small or mid-size, to a large one. We acquire unique skills to build and manage the social media marketing campaign for your company. This will allow your business to acquire more users, consumers, and land more prospective customers.

Our Social Media Marketing Concept

With the powerful use of social media marketing we will get you closer to your potential clients and direct your brand to the right people. Our lucrative strategy for cultivating prospective customers through the sales process or converting them to the services of your business is by positively engaging them through the vast variety of social platforms most individuals are participating in nowadays. This strategy will also keep your existing customers interested and updated on what your company is partaking in and offering. 

Feedback will also be provided in these platforms from your target audiences. Collaborating with the right social media company in Houston to manage your social media marketing strategy can have an extremely positive impact on your business.

Why Your Houston Company Should Invest In Social Media Marketing

  • As of today, 37% of the world population use social media platforms. This number grows by more than 20% each year. 
  • One average, each participating individual owns 7.6 social media accounts.
  • The average user spends 2 hours and 22 minutes each day on social media.
  • More than 90% of retail brands use 2 or more social media platforms.
  • More than 80% of small and mid-size businesses use social media.
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Social Media Numbers, Put Simple

  1. As of December 2019, our global population stands at 7.8 billion.
  2. The internet contains 4.54 billion users.
  3. Social media users: 3.725 billion!

Target The Right Audience, At The Right Places: Online

We informatively demonstrate these numbers to prove that people spend a substantial amount of their time participating in social media. If your presence is more often where people spend their time more often, the guarantee of you catching their attention is more than 100%, simply put.

Let’s face it. In order to get the attention from customers and potential customers, we need to be participating in social media just as much as they are.

At Innov8ive Marketing we administer and implement unique and effective social media marketing strategies for businesses in all sizes and industries. We do this through all the major social platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, and Snapchat.

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Operate Objective Social Media Marketing Campaigns With Proficient Results

We acquire the skills and abilities to customize advertisements that are inimitable on social media platforms. With the right advertisements and objectives we will help you convey your business message to the right audience, at the right time.

Whether your desires are to infuse in brand recognition, promoting your products, or to simply attract more traffic to your website, our social media marketing agency in Houston will help accomplish all that! We will strategize an efficient and actionable master plan to build, administer, enforce, and design the perfect ad campaign that focuses on your targeted business goals.

Attract More Traffic Using Social Media Accounts

Due to today’s digital market era, it is crucial to have an online presence in order to drive traffic to your website. Our social media marketing team will never stop working for you and your business. We will execute strategies that will drive your company forward. Our goal is for you not to worry about the improvement and growth of your business social media accounts ever again.

Our social media company encourages the growth of your presence through all social media platforms. We will execute this by developing more engagement, lead innovation, and brand recognition using social media marketing.

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A Houston Social Media Management Company You Can Trust

Great businesses like yours should not have to worry about the process it is in with your social media marketing company on a weekly basis. At Innov8ive Marketing, we collaborate with your team to ensure all your social media platforms portray a positive extension of your brand’s style and voice. 

In conclusion, placing your brand in a position where it has a strongly positive impact through social media will increase your brand presence throughout all groups involved and affected. Doing this will also improve the fellowship of your company.

Three Important Components We Focus On In Social Media Marketing:

  • Content.
  • Audience engagement.
  • Advertising strategies.


Our goal is to tell the story of your brand using visual aesthetic content, such as pictures and/or videos. This will cause a substantial impact on your audience regarding your services and products. 

Content involves the whole process, we will distribute and promote all your content in the right direction, and into the eyes of the right people. These include pictures, video, copy, strategy, and storytelling. The differences have to do with the different social platforms and the different formats of content.

quality website content
quality website content

Some social media marketing strategies we will use to write your content:

  1. Optimize written content according to social media.
  2. Add images.
  3. We always take your audience into accurate consideration.
  4. We are headline masters.
  5. We will use different content types.
  6. Make sure readers are addressed.
  7. Talk about topics that are trending.
  8. We keep it genuine.
  9. We never make promises we cannot keep.

Audience Engagement

Our team at Innov8ive Marketing will never stop working to properly manage all incoming and outgoing engagement in your account. Our social media marketing specialists will implement this management of your account to produce extraordinary results. We are always transforming our strategies and methods to stay relevant and to keep your company in the focus of the right audience.

By applying the concept of social media marketing audience engagement we measure the public shares, likes, and comments, for your business social media efforts.

Why is social media audience engagement important?

  1. Social media engagement is more than just the accumulation of followers across social media platforms.
  2. Participating in social engagement will bring upon a better marketing reach for your company.
  3. It will also bring you a more favorable ROI (Return of Investment).
  4. Social media engagement will also attract new customers by creating more brand awareness.

Advertising Strategies

We will implement organic and paid ad engagements to help you reach your target audience. Our advertisement team will use the newest advertising tools in social media to help you convey your company’s message to your desired target audience.

At times, but not all the time, you may feel that your organic content is not giving you the same social reach as it was before. This is the reason why a lot of companies now rely on social media advertising (paid social). It is definitely one of the biggest social media trends out there in this decade. It is a fact that we all want to get our services and products content right in front of our customers. 

Brands worldwide are most certainly taking advantage of social media advertisement during the rising of the social media era. Do not be left behind. At Innov8ive we will develop a smarter and more practical paid search social approach for your business.

Data on number of people your posts were served to

At Innov8ive, we will keep you updated with reports such as the one above, where you can see the number of people your company’s posts were served to. This easily allows us to compare the average performance of these ads, organically and paid.

Our social media advertising experts will develop strategies to target audiences in specific social networks using demographic data in order for targeted audiences to visualize your company’s brand in their feeds.

Different factors we use when strategizing a plan for your posts:

  1. Advertisements financing.
  2. Selection of your content.
  3. Targeting audience accuracy.
  4. Efficiently using audience demographic data.

Social platforms advertisers are currently investing in

We show you this graph to demonstrate that only 1% of advertisers are not investing in social media platforms. Studying this graph can help you choose the social platforms you wish to get started with. Perhaps Snapchat would be a good start since there will not be a lot of competition in that particular platform. (Insert internal link directing to snapchat marketing page).

Innov8ive Marketing is here to help relieve the stress that comes with decreased organic reach, by smoothing up your social media advertising strategy. Our team will assist your brand awareness action plans and eliminate the holes in your pocket with our unique social media marketing campaigns.

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