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Use the wonderful dominion of video production in Houston to leave your competition behind. Allow us to arrange, strategise, and implement very eloquent video production properties for your business.

Have You Been Searching for Video Production in Houston?

Infusing into a video production company could be the best thing you ever did for your business. And we have great news! At Innov8ive Marketing, our video production specialists work like no other when it comes to video.

We apply, plan, and administer quality videos with excellent business growing intents. Our Houson’s best video production experts will focus on your time and budget. Looking for a video production company in Houston? Look no more. We are here to help you reach your video business dreams.

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Why Is Video Marketing So Effective?

Here are reasons why video production can really make all the difference:

  • Videos are reachable and effective to users.
  • Videos provides you, the marketer, mediums to reach users that are universal and captivating.
  • It will provide users mediums that are very easy to partake in.
  • Online video production marketing will have a 600% more chance to positively impact your business than print and direct mail altogether.

From An Idea To Production: We Bring Thoughts And Tales To Life

Pre-Production Planning

You may have just begun to form an idea, or barely started to think of one. Whatever the case is, we will help you settle with your business goals and develop a plan we can immediately take action on.

Have you not made a script yet? No problem, we will invent it and perfect it from scratch. We can organize your words, provide our expert opinion and feedback, and assess where we all stand to make it all happen, Are you not able to visualize the big picture just yet? We will implement a visual graphic organizer for your situation. 

Whether it is pre-visualizing a notion picture, animation, motion graphic or interactive media experience, our target is to figure out where and what the right talent will be for your video. We administrate all the movements needed to make sure everyone is on the same page on when and how it is going to happen.

You want the scene to take place by the water, in the woods, maybe on the west part of Houston, your budget is tight for your set? No problem, Innov8ive Marketing has solutions for every situation!

Video Producing

No matter how big your dreams are, we will film it, and this is where it all starts. We will quickly gather our team around which includes our best producers, directors, camera operators, and coffee-getters that will set their minds to and will not rest till the best Houston professional production is achieved. Our camera systems are 4K and our video production performance is a big ten!

At Innov8ive Marketing, we work hard to create the best film, while making sure everyone is having fun at the same time. We will handle all the hassles that come with scheduling, administering, and planning. We got you covered. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

Houston Video Production

Let us film you regarding but not limited to:

We will produce one that stands out. This is the most effective way to extract an authentic response from a person.
Because there is never a camera around when the really good stuff happens. Illustrate a point that will convey the message your business needs with a re-enactment video.
Let’s make you a video where you can demonstrate a process, explain a concept, or transfer knowledge to your audience.
With this video content you can promote your brand, products, and/or services to potential customers.
Do you have an essential story to portray to your audience? With a narrative video we will use characters, conflict, and resolution. This will be done in a way in which your business message could be resonated to the reader by using a sequence of events.
Coverage of Different Events
Here we will provide coverage for the events of your business where you want captured footage. We can conduct “ highlighted coverage“ where 6 hours of coverage will create a 5 minute “highlight” video. Your other option is a “spotlight coverage”, where we implement 80-90% of the actual footage in your final video edit.
Your business will stand out by making workshop videos. You can promote your business by providing workshop films. In these you can enter film festivals and provide video production techniques. One option is providing customized programs. One-on-one, small group, and individual/business on-site trainings in your business field will help you land prospective customers.
Social Media Advertising
When you combine video and social media reach, you have achieved a strong marketing enterprise and a big advantage over your competition. Our social video production team will apply the power of social videos to benefit your company’s brand message.
Training Videos
These will save you lots and lots of time, money, and energy. Our team will assure you the effectiveness of these videos. We will make sure they look professional too.
About us Videos
Show people what you are about and who your company really is. About us videos are the best way to express this to your audience.
Explainer Videos
Educate your customers on the products and services your company is currently offering. We will make them quick and budget-friendly in order for your customers to stay updated on what you have to offer!
Video Film Crew
Hey, a video film crew in your video will always catch the eye of any audience. This will provide great footage. We can help you with that too.
Houston video production

The Post-Production

Other than filming the best video out there for you, we keep a main focus on making sure our Houston video production team keeps you on the same page with your filming. We will keep you updated and well-informed as we move into the post-production phase, to finishing the final production.

Our clients will be sent a confidential link where they can view and observe their filming in progress. Here you will be able to provide all the feedback you desire into a user-friendly format. All revisions will be provided and discussed with you before delivering the final completion of your project. All required and detailed specifications will also be made. 

Innov8ive Marketing Houston video production experts will help you with:

Designing your logo
Let us create you a video production company logo that will have a visual impact on your audience.
Editing your video
This is the main component of the post-production process in your video project. Here we focus on content, story, performance, and the effectiveness of shots. We will also edit audio elements and export any high-quality video files.
Creating animation
Convey your business massage with a live animated motion graphics video. Using a mixture of imagination and insight, we will create a perfect animation video for your business.
Mixing of sounds
This progress is also done during the post-production phase of your Houston video production project. In this editing process, we focus on the source’s signal level, frequency content, dynamics, and panoramic position. Effects are added as we manipulate these concepts.
Film assembly (print, motion pictures, or screen display)
Here the editor puts together all of the usable footage and organizes it into a chronological sequence to match with the film’s script.
Houston video production

Drone Videography in Houston

Houston drone pilots at Innov8ive Marketing will provide you with all the aerial photography and videography you are looking for. Our professional drone operators and experienced photographers will make sure you are provided with images and videos of the best quality for your Houston business.

Why Innov8ive Marketing Should Be Your Choice:

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Everything is negotiated straight with us.
  • Unlimited online access to your images.

Searching For A Drone Service Website? Get With Us

Looking for a company to help you with your drone videography can be overwhelming and very frustrating. The number of experienced drone pilots in Houston is becoming smaller and smaller. Our drone expert pilots will demonstrate and put to action an upper class aerial photography solution that will have extraordinary effects on your business.

We will also assist you with your photography on-ground in order for your property marketing project to be finished quicker. A one-stop-shop!

Houston video production

Guaranteed Quality

We will always guarantee our work. 100% of the time. And 110% of quality assurance. To put it in simple words. Our drone videography paves the way for all sorts of new opportunities. Let us show you our real value, from a different angle, even if it’s 300 feet up in the air!

Expect Quick Results

We commonly bring an instant turnaround in the projects that we work on. This usually takes a few days, assuming the weather is on our side! Our drone videography experts will work really hard to establish satisfying project results into your business , while implementing a good reputation for you.

We are the Houston drone videography specialists you can trust because we master the concepts of effectively showcasing your property, presenting your properties, conducting site observations, and helping you surveillance your construction progress.

Managing The Flow Of Your Business Using Drone Videography

Here are some ways Innov8ive Marketing will help you have more control of what is really happening.

Solar Panel Inspections


We are here to provide solutions needed to make solar panel inspections easier than ever. We focus on your best use case, budget, and support needs. Our drone videography experts hold preordained strategies and solutions to fit your energy inspection plans. Depending on the case and budget, we will create the perfect custom-made drone solution for your solar energy inspection. 

All industries are now starting to use drones in order to historically improve job functions and amount of work being done all at once. Using drones in the solar industry has become the next big thing over the last decade. Drones are more efficient, cost less money, and allow for solar panel installations and inspections to be much safer than before.

Construction Project Surveillance


Let us help you keep your construction project on track and under your budget. 

What makes construction projects difficult to finish is managing the numerous moving parts required to take the construction project from the starting phase to the finish line. Drone videography is the best solution to this hard task. We will drastically change and improve the workflow of your construction project using aerial photos, maps, and 3D models. Drone videography will save your company a lot of time and money. Our drone pilots will provide you with all of the data you need to keep your project on schedule and very well under your budget.

Sell More Real Estate Using Drone Videography


Houston video production
Allow your real estate company to skyrocket in business with our professional drone services. Here we will use astonishing aerial footage including images, video, and panoramas to more effectively showcase your resident property from a breathtaking view in the sky. Thus, providing much more effective marketing for your business and creating more home sale closings!

This is the best way to show potential home buyers the neighborhood that surrounds the home. Footage implemented from our drone videography expert team will also show prospective customers all of the civilities and features in the area. This concept proves to be even more amazing for showing large properties.

Innov8ive Marketing offers fair costs, fast service, and professional aerial photography/videography tailored to your real estate firm to produce more flow of business.

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