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The applications our web designers in Houston produce are of the highest caliber, serving different areas for clients including graphic/interface design to improve user experience.

These composite and unified applications could be positively critical for your business. Our Houston web design company will implement expert professional skills and disciplines to produce and maintain the design of your website.

What type of impression is your website making to users?

Your website is very similar to the person that greets your visitors when they walk through your front door. It is a very effective branch to your business and good impressions are highly important! An outdated website with no continuing maintenance can cause a bad first impression on you. This can negatively affect your company, team, services or products, and web development reputation.

Our web designers at Innov8ive Marketing will keep your website attracting and converting users to your services or products. Web developers in our team know exactly how to make your visitors feel right at home!

web design internet
web design internet

Unique Web Design and Development Made For You

We believe that your website must be more than just a fancy home for your visitors. We cannot express enough to our new clients that web designing is not our only focus goal. We lean more towards creating and maintaining websites focusing on marketing in many different forms. For clients, this is the extra mile that is needed in order to improve your website’s success.

At Innov8ive Marketing, our web designers and developers are very enthusiastic and put passion in all the work we do.

Whether you need commercial transactions conducted electronically on the internet or making your website mobile-friendly for users to enjoy, our web developers are here to solve your company’s needs. We will implement these content management systems into your website in order for you to explore your enterprise content management and manage your web content.

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Our Web Development/ Design Steps For Your New Website:

These steps are planned by our very committed web development project manager. Our  project manager will consult and report to you every step of the way in your web development process. They will direct the team through each stage of your project, from the first assessment of your website, until your website is published.

From first consult to actual launching.

These are the steps to expect regarding your web development project.

It is important to establish trademark and content organization in the beginning of your web development/design process to provide your users with a great experience. This will also boost the success of your website.

    • Client answers questions from our new client question sheet.
    • Internal meeting: goals, needs, and potential issues are discussed before having an official meeting with the client.
    • First-encounter meeting is held to bring to attention the client’s targets and ideas.
Website audit and strategizing
    • Our web development team then works together to set up a list of pages for your website, focusing on SEO and user-friendliness.
    • Our conjoint team then develops a report of your website showing you our design, while making it easy for you to analyze it. We also show you what we have learned from your website so far.
    • We always make sure to check in with clients accordingly with  every action taken in order to make any adjustments necessary based on their feedback.
Presentation and Content
    • In this step we present the web design we have created for the clients, while customizing it to your business needs and wants, taking your feedback strongly into consideration.
    • Custom operative adjustments are implemented and content is provided in this step.
    • Before the launching of your site, Innov8ive Marketing endeavors a tedious and long testing process. 
    • Your new site undergoes an in-depth test from the lead web developer, lead web designer, project manager, SEO expert, team leader, and our analytics performance expert.
    • The last step to the pre-launching of your site is a client review.
    • Necessary alterations and revisions are conducted.
    • Site is now ready to be published and is transferred to the web development Project Manager for approval.

Get with an Innov8ive Marketing agent to discuss all these steps and how we can start you on your way to the web development and design process!

Content Management Systems for Your Website

At Innov8ive Marketing we believe that our clients should have full authority and regulation over their websites. We do this by implementing different source findings in order for your website to remain easy to maintain.

Our main focuses when selecting our content management systems:

  • The foundations had to deliver all of the operations with features in the site and make it easy to manage content.
  • These foundations being search engine user friendly is a must.

Advantages of out content management systems being open to all sources:

  • Making content easy to manage.
  • Client being able to take full ownership of their website.
  • “Search Engine Optimization” capability.
  • Easier to create pages over time, allowing your website to grow at your desired pace.

Website Development with E-Commerce

For some clients, E-Commerce plays an important role in their business. It is crucial to be able to understand how your website platform will influence your company. For the most part, clients want solutions that will refine their interior process. Over the years we have discovered that e-commerce keeps evolving, making many web development strategies search engine unfriendly. This could negatively affect the website development of your business, causing it to perform poorly online.

To put it in a few words, not using the right web development platform to sell products in your page can be detrimental to your business.

At Innov8ive Marketing we focus on three types of E-Commerce:

  • Business-to Business (B2B).
  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C).
  • Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C).

If you desire web development e-commerce through another process, perhaps we can help you with:

  • Consumer-to-Business (C2B).
  • Business-to-Administration (B2A).
  • Consumer-to-Administration (C2A).

All of these types of e-commerce represent a different purchasing dynamic. Get with an Innov8ive Marketing agent to see which one best suits your business needs.

Responsive Use In Your Website Development and Design

Staying Perceptive to the Mobile Era.

The use of search engines has evolved significantly over the past decade. These times around, 20 to 60 percent of users are going straight to their mobile devices to use search engines. Trust us when we tell you that it will remain this way. The primary source for users accessing the internet to conduct industrial market searches will always be their mobile phones and devices.

So Why Do People Go Mobile?

The big answer to this is that Google came out with mobile-first indexing. This means they primarily use mobile versions of pages when indexing since they know that most users will use their mobile devices when using search engines.

It is possible that you have not thought about how this will pertain to your particular website. Maybe you are even thinking that this is not anywhere near your web development marketing budget. Innov8ive Marketing is here to your rescue! Let us provide you with all your options and answers regarding mobile-optimization for your website. Do not stay behind! Let us help you with delivering the number one mobile experience for your users.

Case Study:

Usability improvements for Modanisa, an online fashion and shopping website for women boosts their mobile conversion rate by 91%. See how here: link: https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/intl/en-145/success-stories/global-case-studies/usability-improvements-boost-modanisas-mobile-conversion-rate-91/

What We Mean When We Talk About Responsive Websites

Undergoing the website development process using the idea of a “responsive website” involves modifying your site so it can respond and resize based on the screen size that is accessing your website. It provides your users with an immaculate experience where they can use multiple screens without yielding multiple websites.

Most internet web development marketing clients say they prefer a mobile-friendly website when they are searching for new merchandisers. Your company needs to accommodate their presence online to user-friendly experiences through smaller screens., their mobile devices. If you wish for your website to rank high, mobile-friendliness is mandatory due to Google becoming more assertive about choosing mobile friendly websites first when ranking.

Our web development experts at Innov8ive Marketing know what Google looks for when it comes to mobile friendliness. We will implement the responsive website concept into your website. Let us be of assistance to help you reach your mobile friendly marketing needs.

Featuring Web Design Based Strongly on Analytics

Websites have been designed primarily on their attractiveness for too long now. You are limiting your website when its main focus is on how good it looks. You have to think more on the long run. Always leave room for more designing on your website. Take these questions into consideration for web designing:

  1. What is the goal of the user when they visit?
  2. What improvements can be made?
  3. Which pages in your website are causing the most conversion?
  4. What pages can be added to the website to increase traffic?
  5. Do I want to be more informative to my users?

Analytic and Report Driven Web Design and Development

Analytics is what starts the web development process once you sign with Innov8ive Marketing. Analytics is the main component of our first audit reports. This is the cornerstone behind our analytics-based web design strategy, also a very important part of an indeed coalescent approach to web development digital marketing.

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